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Mini Electric Motorcycle for City Play

Mini Bike, Max Fun

Original Design · Pure Beauty

Hummingbird bionic design, light and smooth lines. 

Racing-grade mechanical frame, more solid and powerful

Adopts a high-quality carbon steel split frame. Compared to general electric vehicles, the machine frame is 30% thicker, and the supporting capacity is 30% higher.

Max Speed 55km/h

100m acceleration within 10 seconds

Central permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Energy efficiency conversion rate reaches 96%, enables balanced weight of the whole vehicle, master a 15° slope with ease


Single Charge Battery Range 

The Lithium battery of automobile grade, 18650A battery cells, 3.5 hours charging duration (60V21Ah), Fast charge within 3 hours, 5+years battery lifespan.

Waterfall Cascading Double Fence

Excellent waterproof and dust-proof capacity, strengthen core heat dissipation. 

Independently R&D FOC Vector Controller

The whole vehicle power system is comprehensively upgraded. EBS brake energy recovery makes the range even longer

The Intelligent Central Control System

Consists of TROMOX APP, VCU, and more than 20 sensors over the entire vehicle body, making Mino a real intelligent vehicle.

TROMOX App, Peace of Mind

One-button Start

Remote Key

Triple Anti-theft Protection

Set the safety distance of the electronic fence automatically, immediately warning when the vehicle leaves beyond the safety range
Realize collisions and roll detection based on the heliometer, timely alarm when the abnormal information occurs
GPS+BDS+BTS Triple Positioning: ensure the safety of the vehicle

Stylish Headlight

Tromox unified family LED headlight. Circular shape LED strip light. Using high lens optical glass for high beam: reduce energy consumption and boost the light.

Efficient Disc Brake

The 180mm disc brakes of both front and rear wheels are equipped with new single-cylinder parallel calipers. It greatly improves the braking performance of the whole vehicle.

Smart VA Dashboard

With auto-sensing function, real-time display of vehicle status.

Fully Aluminum Rear Fork

Belt Drive(Optional)

Anti-mistouch READY Button

Side Stand Safety Switch

The Inverted Hydraulic Front Shock Absorber

230mm Rear Independent Shock Absorber

Color Schemes of Electric Mini Bikes

Mino Electric Motorcycle Specification



Wheel Base


Net Weight


Loading Capacity


Transmission Mode

Chain Drive

Battery Voltage




Brake System

Hydraulic Brake

Intelligent Sbbystem

Intelligent Control VCU

Shock Absorber

Front: Converted/Spring oil damped type
Rear: Central/Spring oil damped type


Mid-drive motor


Front: 90/90-10
Rear: 100/80-10


18650 Lithium

Max Speed


Climbing Capacity




Range Per Charge


Rated Power


Peak Power


Charge Time


*Both mileage and maximum speed in this introduction are obtained by the test under working conditions method, various factors have influence on actual mileage, such as load, temperature, wind speed, road conditions and operating habits. At the same time, the maximum capacity of lithium battery will be reduced after long-term use because of its characteristics.
*The model configurations displayed on the website or brochure vary according to the market in different countries and regions. All details about performance, test results and mileage are for reference only, they may also vary due to other factors, please refer to the information provided by the actual place of purchase.
*Tromox reserves the right to change or modify any specifications without prior notice.