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City-wild runner

Urban Pulse, Wild Heartbeat

Peak power

11 KW

Wheel torque

320 N · m

Top speed

90 km / h

Climbing Performance

30 ° ∠°

Master Agility

Unleash urban speed with MC10’s wide turning radius and
smooth handling. Its lightweight body and optimized front
fork angle provide effortless control for off-road fun.

Tromox MC10 Turning Radius icon

Turning Radius

Tromox MC10 TR-3C Four-link Rear Suspension System icon

Four-link Rear Suspension System;
Inverted Front Fork;

Tromox MC10 Lightweight Human-Machine Engineering icon

Lightweight Human-
Machine Engineering

Tromox MC10 Successfully passed 1.5 million+ vibration fatigue testing icon

Successfully passed 1.5 million +
vibration fatigue testing

Tromox MC10 Front Fork Angle26° icon

Front Fork Angle

Tromox MC10 Unleash Power

Unleash Power

With the SC-Heart’s high-performance mid-mounted electric

motor, tap into boundless power and revel in the perfect blend

of urban speed and off-road thrill.

Peak power:11 kw ;

Top speed:90 km/h;

Wheel torque: 280 N·m;

View dimensions:30 °

Unlock Intelligence

Elevate your cycling experience like never before with our

cutting-edge intelligent central control and VCU systems.

Discover a whole new level of cycling sophistication through

our dedicated app and NFC unlocking feature.

Tromox MC10 Highly integrated self-developed VCU icon
Tromox MC10 M-Space 3.0 intelligent system icon
Tromox MC10 Vehicle APP; NFC; proximity unlock icon

Highly integrated
self-developed VCU

M-Space 3.0
intelligent system

Vehicle APP; NFC;
proximity unlock.

Dual Battery System
72V 29AH * 2

Dual Charging Modes:

Battery Charging /Vehicle Charging



Note: Range may vary due to testing conditions. Laboratory range is based on tests with a 75kg rider and 25°C.

Wire-spoke Hub

Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with highly durable and resilient wire-spoke hubs, offering exceptional shock absorption for a more comfortable off-road experience. This design also helps extend the lifespan of the bearings and tires. Additionally, it reduces the overall weight of the vehicle, resulting in a more agile and responsive handling experience.

Tromox MC 10 bluetooth icon


Tromox MC10 4G icon


Tromox MC 10 bluetooth icon

Waterproof Rating: IP54

TR-3C Four-Link Rear Suspension System

Tromox has independently developed the TR-3C (Comfort, Control, Cross) rear suspension system. This system cleverly separates traction, braking, and steering forces based on the principles of kinematics, providing precise steering control and effectively mitigating ground impacts. It delivers an exceptional off-road handling experience with reduced impact forces and enhanced control.

Two Riding Modes

S Mode

Off-road Mode
Top Speed: 90 km/h

E Mode

Road Mode
Top Speed: 60 km/h

Developed VCU

The entire vehicle is equipped with 30+ sensors, featuring 4G and Bluetooth communication for high-precision and responsive data transmission between the vehicle, owner, and backend systems.

  • Cruise Control
  • One-Key Repair
  • Push Start Assistance
Tromox MC 10 bluetooth icon


Tromox MC10 4G icon


Tromox MC 10 bluetooth icon

Waterproof Rating: IP54

M-Space 3.0 Intelligent System

Centered around the highly integrated in-house developed Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), the M-Space 3.0 Intelligent System leverages network collaboration and data intelligence to digitize the physical actions of riding. It establishes a symbiotic relationship between software and hardware, enabling self-driven evolution and continuous learning.

Tromox APP Vehicle Connectivity System

The Tromox App Vehicle Connectivity System supports remote OTA (Over-The-Air) updates for the central VCU and motor controller. It allows users to customize their riding experience based on personal preferences, with a highly responsive and intelligent brain that receives real-time updates. Experience the ease and excitement of smart off-road riding with ease.

Tromox MC10 NFC Start-Up icon


Tromox MC10 Proximity Unlock icon

Proximity Unlock

Tromox MC10 Ride Tracking icon

Ride Tracking

Tromox MC10 Real-Time GPS Tracking icon

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Tromox MC10 Remote Start icon

Remote Start

Tromox MC10 Anti-Theft icon


Tromox MC10 Keyless Unlock icon

Keyless Unlock

Tromox MC10 Battery Range Monitoring icon

Battery Range Monitoring

Tromox MC10 Battery Temperature icon

Battery Temperature

Tromox MC10 Riding Habit Tracking icon

Riding Habit Tracking

Vehicle Status Estimation

Tromox MC10 Battery Charge Cycle Count icon

Battery Charge Cycle Count


*Both mileage and maximum speed in this introduction are obtained by the test under working conditions method, various factors have influence on actual mileage, such as load, temperature, wind speed, road conditions and operating habits. At the same time, the maximum capacity of lithium battery will be reduced after long-term use because of its characteristics.
*The model configurations displayed on the website or brochure vary according to the market in different countries and regions. All details about performance, test results and mileage are for reference only, they may also vary due to other factors, please refer to the information provided by the actual place of purchase.
*Tromox reserves the right to change or modify any specifications without prior notice.