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FAQ-TROMOX │ Leading Manufacturer of Smart Electric Motorcycles and Scooters │ Born For Cool Riding
  • What is an e-motorcycle?

    An e-motorcycle is essentially a motorbike outfitted with an electric motor and a battery system. It has more or less the same parts of a regular motorcycle, with a throttle, braking system, and controller box. The most notable feature on an electric motorcycle is that it is very silent. On top of that, the beauty of an e-motorcycle is that its battery has a longer lifespan compared to a petrol engine. Due to that, it can be cheaper to maintain.

    A common misconception is that, since this technically involves advanced technology, the upkeep will be more costly. However, an e-motorcycle is actually generally service-free. At the most, your e-motorcycle would just have to undergo regular safety checks for parts such as your brakes and chains (Mino motorbike has chains as it is equipped with mid-drive motor).

  • Is Tromox an European brand?
    No, Tromox is originated from China and the trademark has been registered in China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Europe, North America and etc. Targeting the high-end market, our vehicles are designed in Europes Italy, where there are many top brands of two-wheelers.
  • What're the requirements if I wanna sell your bikes in my country?
    We appreciate your interest in representing us in your country. You are advised to fill out the contact forms become-a-distributor carefully on our website. You can also send your inquiry to info@tromox.com. We will get back to you shortly. 
  • How fast can Mino e-motorcycle go?

    The Mino e-motorcycle have a maximum speed around 60 km/h. However, due to the requirements by laws and regulations, the motorbike Mino has been restricted to a maximum speed of 45km/h. Our next electric motorcycle Mino Plus will be much faster, can be as fast as 100kmph.     

  • How far can Mino e-motorcycle go on a single charge?

    The Mino e-motorbike can go 60 to 118 kilometers on a single charge. Obviously, this can still vary depending on the conditions of your battery as well as how much you throttle. Other factors include rider weight, weather, tire pressure, and terrain.  

  • How long does the Mino battery take to charge?

    While this can depend on the battery capacity and charger you have on hand. Mino has four kinds of battery configuration, such as 60V 21Ah, 60V 26Ah, 60V 31Ah and 60V 38Ah. Take the 60V 31Ah battery pack for example, it generally takes approximately 5 hours for to be fully charged with our supplied standard 6A charger.   

  • What is the Mino e-bike battery's lifespan?

    The Mino motorbike battery can remain 80% of the rated power after 600 cycles of charge. Theoretically the battery can last the same lifespan of the e-bike.

  • Do I need a license?
    Yes, at least in most countries you need a proper driving license to ride the Mino e-motorcycle. In Europe, it is categorized as L1e-B. The user need to register the Mino e-bike at local transportation authorities, and buy insurance as well. The motorcyclists are also required to wear a helmet and other necessary protective outfits.
  • Is an e-motorcycle more expensive than a petrol motorcycle?

    Generally, yes — the initial cost of an electric motorcycle is more as compared to a petrol motorcycle. However, the good thing about e-motorbike is that they are cheap to own since they require incredibly minimal maintenance. Not only that, you’d receive major fuel savings since you only need to replace the battery after several years use.

  • Should I buy a bike with a mid-drive motor or hub-motor?

    They both have their benefits. Hub motors tend to be a little easier to operate if you are a less experienced cyclist, because they require less shifting of gears. Mid-drives tend to get a little better range for equivalent battery capacity, because youll get more efficiency by shifting. Therefore you get better hill climbing with a mid-drive motor.

    Finally, its usually easier to change a rear tire with a mid-drive.

  • How to maintain the Mino motorcycle?

    Perform routine care and maintenance are crucial for lifetime and safety of the vehicle. You are advised to follow the maintenance instructions as below.

    Regular inspection and maintenance 

    We recommend users perform initial inspection and maintenance at TROMOX authorized dealers when the Mino motor scooter reaches 1,000 kilometers or two months after purchase (whichever comes first). Regular inspection and maintenance should take place every 3000 kilometers or six months. TROMOX authorized dealers of electric motorcycle will provide maintenance services for your vehicle (which may involve costs, please consult the service staff for details).

    Users can also have the motorcycle maintained at professional maintenance points for electric vehicles.

    Routine cleaning and maintenance 

    1. Cleaning: Please clean the vehicle with clean water and neutral detergent. To prevent scratching, please use soft cloth to dry the vehicle after washing. Metal brushes or sandpaper must not be applied on the vehicle surface.

    2. Storage: Please store the vehicle at ventilated indoor space . Too much sunlight and rain can cause corrosion of parts and shorten the service life. Do not park the vehicle at building entrance hall, evacuation stairs, corridors nor safety exits.


     1. It is strictly prohibited to flush the vehicle with high pressure water gun. Intruding of water can cause electrical and mechanical failures

    2. If the vehicle is left unused for a long time, make sure to disconnect the battery and the motorbike to avoid battery over-discharge. In addition, please charge the battery at least once every month.

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