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EICMA 2021: TROMOX unveiled two new electric motorcycles

By 28 11 月, 202116 2 月, 2022Event, New

On November 23rd, EICMA has opened grandly. This Milan exhibition brings thousands of well-known two-wheeler enterprises from around the world together to showcase products. Many well-known electric vehicle enterprises, including TROMOX, have made a strong appearance at this grand event, showing the graceful demeanor of China’s two-wheeler industry to the world.

On the morning of November 24th, the “Cooperation and Mutual Benefits Harmonious Development” China Motorcycle & E-vehicle Brand Walks in Milan and Approaches the World promotion event undertaken by the Trade Development Council, Ministry of Commerce, P.R CHINA, and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products has been grandly held at HALL22O10 booth, the new exhibition center in Milan, Italy.

Commercial Counselor Ms. Shu Luomei of the Consulate General of China in Milan, Deputy Director-General Mr. Chen Huaming Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Secretary-General Mr. Guo Kuilong of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, the President of EICMA Pietro Meda and other leaders have attended this press conference and delivered a speech.

During the press conference, outstanding domestic two-wheeler brands including TROMOX have also appeared on the stage to share the development ideas of their respective brands with the global industry and bring product technology solutions.

In 2019, Tromox’s first portable electric motorcycle, MINO, made its debut at the EICMA. Tromox has entered the international market with EICMA’s worldwide influence and MINO’s differentiated design. This time, TROMOX not only brought MINO and its modified versions but also unveiled two new products – MINO-B: lightweight off-road new energy motorcycle and UKKO S: smart high-speed electric motorcycle UKKO S. Fabio Lucarini, the Italian representative of TROMOX, showed TROMOX’s new products and explained TROMOX’s concept of “product innovation” + “core technology research and development” + “international branding” to the global audiences.

As a new member of the TROMOX MINO family, MINO-B continues MINO’s lightness and flexibility and provides more travel options for urban off-road enthusiasts. The shock absorption function is also optimized: the front and rear shock absorbers are increased to make the shock absorption effect more pronounced. The design of the flowing style turn signal also makes MINO-B more fashionable. For “off-road enthusiasts”, the tires are particularly important. MINO-B changes both it’s front and rear tires to 12-inch off-road tires, which have stronger grip ability and off-road performance. The rear flat fork designed with steel pipe material is more suitable for off-road play intensity.

UKKO S also attracted the attention of many users and media. It continues the pursuit of “lightness” of the TROMOX family, and on this basis, it reshapes the definition of “high-speed electric motorcycle”: from the whole body aluminum alloy frame to the racing-level single rocker arm design. The bike is interesting from a technical point of view, with its 13-inch wheels, motorcycle chassis (fork and central shock absorber), seat 780 mm high from the ground, standard cruise control, TFT display, Led headlights, smart key, and on-board camera. The GPS is fully integrated, just like the connectivity is integrated: a digital native that allows the motorcyclist to keep the parameters under control thanks to a dedicated smartphone application.)

Tromox wants to be an exclusive brand for short and medium-distance travel for young people and provide smart, environmentally friendly, and interesting ways of traveling for all. With its industry-leading R&D capabilities of battery, motor, and electric controller, international vehicle design concepts, unique digital marketing capabilities, and omnichannel business development model, Tromox has found excellent partners in more than 30 countries worldwide. By collaborating with our distributors, Tromox is also able to communicate its interesting travel concept to more users.