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Keeping Everything Under Control

Tromox EZ-go Lithium Battery Power System Technology

Analyzing the big data of vehicles, mining discharge critical point within the safety range of the cell, we developed independently the dynamic
alignment BMS smart battery management chip, optimized the dynamic balance algorithm of charging, integrated FOC vector controller,
configured power output control unit, and pulled the systems work together, which effectively improved various performance indexes especially

Lithium battery cell in car-grade

With high discharging efficiency and low consumable electrode,
the lithium battery cell could achieve high energy supply.


With information like temperature, voltage and electric current, the residual capacity can be calculated accurately, ensuring the fun during riding.


Making the full use of power recovery can promote the ride quality and the energy utilization efficiency, ensuring a longer battery range.


Tromox developed its own quick charge technology that can charge the battery to 80% within just an hour to meet a wide variety of usage scenarios.

Self- develop Mid-positioned Motor with High Power

The Mid-positioned motor can instantly turns on the rampage mode that has the better climbing ability.
Let’s go with Tromox this time, inspiring ourselves.

Improved Power Take-off Performance

Improved Instant Torque Performance

Improved Energy Efficiency Ratio

Self-develop FOC Vector Controller

Analyzing mass of riding data and referring to design of automobile three-power system (armature,) standard, Tromox
optimized the algorithm of FOC vector controller, used STMicroelectronics cell and MOS that adopted the imported
materials, employed racing-grade torque and speed control ring, making it has good acceleration performance.


Multiple speed modes like energy-saving, regular and sport can meet the needs of different groups of people and different cycle conditions.


Automatic power off can be achieved after braking without any other complicated operation. In addition, physical braking can help motorcycle park safely and smoothly.


Putting the cycle in R gear and turning the handle can start the backup assist system, solving the problem of cycle backing easily.