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Future, Standing in Front of You

Tromox Two-wheeler Self-balanced and self-driving technology

Based on the prospect of the market, we combined the network transmission technology with vehicle terminal needs, and adopted
big data cloud platform to support self-balanced and self-driving technology, which can achieve such functions as automatic
parking, automatic following and urgent danger prevention. Self-balanced and self-driving technology has also broken down
barriers of core technology. Sensitive perception, accurate algorithms and fast execution redefine the meaning of intelligence.




Ultimate Target is Application

The ultimate target of most forward-looking technologies is being used into our daily life, to
bring great convenience and pleasure to people. Tromox also committed to the terminal ap-
plication of technology, aiming to create a two-wheeled vehicle that reflects future minds.

Tromox Vision

Try to be the world’s leading company
in the field of intelligent mobility.

Tromox not only manufactures highly personalized motorcycles
but also researches the core technologies that are ahead of the Times.