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Core Tech-TROMOX │ Leading Manufacturer of Smart Electric Motorcycles and Scooters │ Born For Cool Riding
Enjoy Life Smart
TROMOX, to become a leading enterprise in global intelligent mobility industry
Technology, From Small to Big
We analyze hundreds of millions of vehicle big data, dig deep into the critical point of discharge within the safety range of battery cells, independently develop dynamic calibration BMS intelligent battery management chips, optimize charging dynamic balance algorithms, and integrate FOC vector controller and configurable power output control unit. The several systems work together to comprehensively improve the battery performance like battery life, power, lifespan, and security. Subsequently, the energy efficiency has been maximized.
Automotive-grade High Performance Li-ion Battery
Equipped with ultra-large-capacity lithium power battery, the MINO can give you a range up to 110km. It adopts automotive-grade 18650 high-performance power cells, which fully reflects the high energy supply, and the discharge performance and safety performance are excellent.
Lighter and Stronger
The battery case is made of aluminum alloy, formed under high pressure, with high mechanical strength and good thermal conductivity. With protection of IP65 rating, the case can provide close protection for the battery cells, and has greatly improved the safety of the battery pack.UN38.3 certificated Weighing 9kg only (60V 21Ah), compact size, easy to carry
Stable Performance
After 600 cycles of charge, the battery performance can still remain above 80%.Pass strict testing such as CE & UN38.3, compliant with international safety standards.
BMS Battery Management System
By adoption of accurate AI algorithm program, TROMOX BMS can provide multiple kinds of protection. Via cloud, battery data will be synchronized to TROMOX's App to keep track of battery status and plan future trips for the user.Calculate the remaining power through the SOC algorithm (temperature, voltage, current, etc.), and display the accurate percentage.
Release your energy

A new generation of urban power system has been developed specifically for riding pleasure. Due to the use of high-end magnetic steel ring and chain transmission, it can maintain the maximum torque output range at low speed, and maintain the front and rear balance of the electric moped to the greatest extent. And it is less impacted by the bumpy roads. In terms of maneuverability, stability and passing ability, the mid-mounted motor is superior to the hub motor, and it truly breaks through the design limitations of traditional hub motor.

  • 1200W

    Rated Power

  • 1800RPM

    Rated Speed

  • Slope



  • 2500W

    Peak Power

  • 96%

    Energy Efficiency

Speed, under your control

Permanent magnet synchronous motor, maximum power up to 2.5 kW.

Takes 10 seconds only to travel from 0 to 100m.

Idling less than 30 damping, taxiing range up to 300m.

FOC Vector Controller
The MINO self-developed FOC central control system has increased the output power by 16%. With the high-precision control program, the performance potential of the motor system is effectively stimulated, and the whole vehicle’s power system is comprehensively upgraded, with greater power and higher efficiency.
Comfortable Driving

Torque ring or speed ring control, smooth start, fine acceleration performance, especially outstanding in the medium and high speed phase. Similar to fuel motorcycle manipulation and performance.

Ultra low noise

Vector controller outputs sinusoidal current, motor outputs torque smoothly, it fully suppresses the low frequency noise caused by motor torque fluctuations.

Unmanned Driving Technology
Out of the insight into the market prospect, we combine the modern network transmission technology with the requirements of on-board terminals, and use the big data cloud platform to escort the unmanned technology and apply it in unmanned logistics vehicles, unmanned sweeper vehicles, unmanned food delivery vehicles and other tools. In the future, 'unmanned driving technology' unmanned driving technology will be applied in more and more intelligent mobility field.
Mobility in Community
Through the application of multiple technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, unmanned driving, and 5G, its vision is to solve the connection of one scene in the community to another, and provide comprehensive solutions for community intelligent mobility. The mobility in communities then becomes more intelligent, making life more efficient and convenient. Finally the effective application of big mobility intelligent technology can be realized in the community.
TROMOX has a sub company focusing on intelligent mobility in community - Hangzhou Moxium Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. (Hereinafter called as Moxium). Moxium has a complete and scientific development system, using the auto industry special tool APQP, FMEA, etc to carry on the design, research and development. The company takes innovation, personality, ultimate service, superb quality as its tenet, by completely independent positive research and development, and is committed to R&D of new generation of intelligent electric motorcycles and core parts.
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