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TROMOX CLUB-TROMOX │ Leading Manufacturer of Smart Electric Motorcycles and Scooters │ Born For Cool Riding
A Letter to All TROMOX Fans

Hello, nice to meet you here! I think you have a certain understanding of TROMOX Technology, our products and our team. Thank you very much for your love.

TROMOX is an entrepreneurial company that applies high technology to daily commuting, integrates R&D activities with Internet sales, and focuses on creating unique travelling methods. Committed to breaking the antiquated ways, TROMOX intends to make travelling smarter, cooler, more fashionable and more environmental friendly. We also know that this cannot be achieved by us only, so we want to gather the TROMOX fans and users, breaking boundaries together and explore endless possibility.

The original intention of the TROMOX Club is to gather the light of the fans and users of TROMOX scattered around, together to make a difference. A person's light is weak, but a lot of TROMOX fans together, will surely spread the riding attitude of TROMOX to more people, let them participate in.

Speaking of which, you must be wondering what exactly the Club will do?

Cycling parties, team building, TROMOX riding events... These are all things that The TROMOX Club wants to do with everyone.

Of course, each club needs a leader, who is responsible for organizing activities, listening to other fans’ suggestions, and better gathering the strength of the team. Now, would you like to be the leader of one TROMOX club?

In the rush of urban life, TROMOX aims at breaking boundaries and leading young riders around the world to discover new way of travelling and meanwhile exploring the fun.

Welcome to TROMOX Club.

Apply to be the Club Manager,

Take lead for a fun ride

Recruitment of Club manager has started. Send your application, you may have the chance to win multiple gifts.
*I hereby agree that TROMOX Technology Co., Ltd. will retain my personal data and contact me in accordance with the privacy policy. And get news and updates about the products and services of TROMOX Technology Co., Ltd.
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