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Beyond Boundaries

Dare to be a pathfinder to experience and explore:
live sincerely in the complex life;
Dare to be an innovator to question and resist:
try my best without even being expected.
We are blessed to dwell in such an epoch,
which in return is more fortunate to embrace us.

Breaking through traditions and Innovations;
Balancing between reality and ideality;
Blooming in collision and compromise:
Set yourself unlimited boundaries.

Brand Story

Tromox, an electric motorcycle brand that aims to create a unique fusion of technology + trendy lifestyle exclusively for the young generation. Riding is not just about reaching a destination but breaking free from the constraints of a boring life and unleashing one's true self. We combine "Italian design" with independently developed cutting-edge technology to provide young riders worldwide with an enjoyable, intelligent, and eco-friendly travel experience. We offer limitless usage scenarios to all riders, showcasing youthful passion and providing a liberating and stress-relieving way to have fun.

Brand Vision

To be a global leader in electric mobility industry.

Brand Mission

Born for Cool Riding

Core Values