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Wanting A New Electric Motorcycle? Check Out These 5 Street-Legal Options

By 12 12 月, 2023Blog, Event, Media, New

We’ve seen a large number of electric bikes on the road in recent years. If you feel that an electric motorcycle cannot be a reliable mode of transportation for you, you are missing big time!

What more could you ask from a means of transportation? It’s inexpensive, practical, and fun to ride. Even if you are already a loyal fan of gasoline-powered motorcycles, adding an electric bike to your arsenal is never a wrong decision.

To help you make a more informed buying decision, we’ll go over the five street-legal electric motorcycles you can buy in 2023 in this piece.

  1. Horwin CR6 Pro

To say the least, the Horwin CR6 Pro is an exciting ride, especially since the brand says it is the world’s first electric motorcycle with a manual gearbox. It is indeed unlike anything else you’ll ever ride.

It really rides well. Its steering provides a nice blend of stability, comfort, and ease of turning in both city streets and open country lanes.

Its quick acceleration is balanced by similarly pleasant integrated brakes. This enables silky smooth control at low speeds in town as well as at higher speeds in rough regions.

Its acceleration is delivered by the five-speed gearbox. It operates like a traditional bike with a clutch, and while the electric motor takes a few moments to spin up, there is an instantaneous acceleration from zero.

Its realistic range is 50 miles, and it takes three hours to charge from empty. It really isn’t ideal for extended excursions, especially as the bike lacks a built-in charger and requires an external device.

The whole appearance gives off an energetic vibe. The frame is composed of an alloy, and all of the trims, nuts, and bolts are of reasonable quality.


Riding it around the neighborhood is hilariously entertaining. It weighs only 79kg in its road-legal form. This electric bike’s power and torque are more than sufficient to propel something very little so quickly.

The long travel suspension makes it quite cushy when bouncing over potholes, and the brakes are standard motorcycle type. It’s really simple to understand how to use the twist and go throttle.

There are three power options to select from, with little to no difference between them. The motor has a max output of 13.4 horsepower, which may not seem like much, but the torque provides plenty of pop.

There’s no denying that it’s both brilliantly designed and well-assembled. The materials are fantastic, with lots of brushed aluminum, hard materials, and a nice two-tone cushion. Because it is an off-roader, it should be able to withstand the occasional bump without causing any problems.

  • Zero DSR/X

Electrics are clearly still a niche product, but the DSR/X does a lot to close the gap. While its practical utility as an ADV bike is debatable, it is a cut above the competition, especially when compared to other electrics.

DSR/X is a brand-new bike with an altogether new frame. Its chassis and swingarm are all engineered to be tougher than prior models in order to withstand the additional weight and challenges of off-road use.

The bike is smooth, comfy, vibration-free, silent, and nice to ride on both road and gravel. The weight is comparable to that of a standard adventure bike.

The road handling is excellent and comparable to that of other large luxury bikes. The ride is a little soft, but it’s more than capable of cutting up a steep route.

The electronics are also all-new, with five riding modes. Although there is no dedicated off-road function, each option comes with its own off-road preset. Additionally, TC and ABS can be disabled if desired.

  • Harley-Davidson Livewire

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is more than merely a futuristic machine. Not only was it the first completely fitted electric motorcycle, but it also had the unexpected sensation of being produced by undoubtedly the most traditional motorcycle company.

It comes bundled with quick charging functionality. The maximum charging rate is 13kW, which will charge the battery from 0% to 80% in 40 minutes. That’s about enough time to grab a cup of coffee if you can find a quick charging point.

The build quality and attention to detail are also excellent. Everything, from the robust switchgear to the paint job, feels well-made and long-lasting. You can see that a lot of time and work went into making it a highly polished product.

  • Ukko S

With a peak power output of 10.7 horsepower or 8kW, the Ukko S has less power than other 125cc motorcycles that are more established. However, its small stature and lightweight design grants it a top speed of 57mph or 93kph and a 160km range. This fast and stylish electric motorcycle under $5000 can take you practically anywhere in a short amount of time.

The most intriguing part about Ukko S is probably its design. It has an athletic look with modern design influences. It’s not surprising that it won the iF Design Award 2022.

The Ukko S series has three configurations: the Ukko S Lite, the Ukko S, and the Ukko S Pro. Its regular model comes with a 10A charger, allowing you to ride around town after only a few hours of recharging. The Pro model, on the other hand, comes with a faster 15A charger and a dual-camera monitoring capability.

Each unit has different batteries with the Ukko S and Ukko S Pro using a 72V55Ah battery while the Ukko S Lite uses a 72V45Ah battery. The best part is that the batteries are removable which means you can charge it at home even when off-street parking isn’t available.

Key Takeaway

With gasoline prices at an all-time high, now may be the ideal time to make the move to electric. Whether you like them or not, electric motorbikes are soon becoming a way of life.

Yes, fully electric motorcycles have progressed a lot and are calling you to welcome them. It can provide you with all of the convenience and excitement you might expect from a transportation mode.

Understandably, everyone demands unique attributes from an e-motorcycle. Therefore, our above guidance should provide you with a more informed perspective while looking for a street-legal electric motorcycle on the market.

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