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Prolonging the Life of Your Electric Motorcycle Battery: 6 Tips for You

By 22 3 月, 2023Blog
Prolonging the Life of Your E-Motorcycle Battery: 6 Tromox Tips for You

Like your phone’s battery, the heart of an electric motorcycle is its battery. If your battery runs out, well, you won’t have a motorcycle any more. At least, until you recharge your battery,
Therefore, it is critical that you pay the best attention you can to your electric motorcycle. This way, you can ensure you won’t have to deal with battery-related emergencies when taking rides on your e-motorbike.
But, what kind of carry should you give your e-motorcycle battery to ensure it lasts as long as possible.
Keep reading to find out how to prolong your e-motorbike battery life.

How Long Should an Electric Motorcycle Battery Last?

The exact lifespan of your electric motorcycle battery depends on its type and brand
However, our e-motorcycle battery typically lasts an average of four years. However, with proper maintenance, you can extend the work life of your electric motorcycle to five years and maybe more. This translates to approximately 800 complete charge cycles.
You should note that this duration is not set in stone and is subject to change depending on several factors.
That said, let us walk you through six effective tips to help your e-motorbike battery last longer.

6 Tips to Help Your Electric Motorcycle Battery Last Longer

Here are some tips on how to ensure your electric motorcycle battery lasts as long as possible:

1. Charge it properly

One of the most effective ways to maintain your e-motorcycle battery is to ensure you charge it correctly.
Most electric motorcycles don’t require a special station to charge. All you need to do is to plug the cable into a charging port with adequate power supply and it will start charge.
However, there’s an order to it. First, you need to connect the charger to the battery pack.
Also, we recommend you take out your battery from inside the bike while charging it as this could damage other components. Once the battery is out, attach the charger to the battery terminals.
Make sure to confirm that this connection is secure, you can plug it into an electrical outlet.
By following this procedure, you protect both your battery and the charging environment.
Pro tip? You don’t want to wait to charge until your battery runs out before you recharge it as this will shorten the e-motorcycle battery life.
Instead, start charging your e-motorcycle battery when the charge level is around 20-30%.
But, most importantly, ensure to read the manual with your vehicle to learn how to disconnect the battery from the motorcycle properly.

2. Use a high-quality charger

Using the correct charger to power your e-motorcycle battery is essential to prolonging its life.
Electric motorcycle batteries come in different sizes and shapes, so you want to be sure the type yours is so you can use the right charger.
You can find out by checking the manual or the side of the battery.
In addition, most electric motorcycles use lithium batteries. Therefore, you want to ensure you are using a compatible charger with such batteries.
For these types, we recommend that you get a specialized charger, depending on the brand of your battery. In other cases, a trickle, float or smart charger should do the trick..

3. Avoid overcharging the battery

One of the ways you can ruin your e-motorbike battery health is by overcharging the battery.
You can prevent this by getting a timer that helps you take note of how long your battery charges. This timer alerts you when it’s time to unplug the charger.
In addition, you should only be charging the battery when they aren’t fully charged and avoid leaving it plugged in for days on end.
Pro tip? It is usually best to use an electric motorcycle battery with an automatic off mode to prevent overcharging.

4. Keep your battery at the right temperature

As you might have noticed with other batteries like your phone, laptops, and other popular gadgets, keeping your battery at the right temperature is an excellent strategy for prolonging its health.
With e-motorcycles, the battery will run out of energy faster as the weather turns colder.
This will, in turn, shorten the e-motorbike battery life.
In the same way, keeping your battery at a high temperature will cause damage to.
Therefore, your battery must be kept in an environment with an average temperature between 32 and 95°F.

5. Store properly when not in use

We understand that there are times when you will not be using your e-motorbike, especially in the winter.
For times like this, you want to store your battery correctly, so it doesn’t spoil.
A great tip is to keep the battery charged at a capacity of at least 50%. Then, make sure you either take it out of your e-motorbike or disconnect the terminal. If you’re taking the battery out of the bike, keep on a raised platform instead of on the bare floor.
In addition, bear in mind that batteries tend to self-discharge when not in use, so check your e-motorcycle battery regularly with prolonged disusage.
Pro tip?  You should charge your electric motorcycle battery from time to time if you plan to store it for a more extended period.

6. Avoid overloading the battery

Your e-motorcycle battery lifespan will significantly reduce if you overload the battery. This means everything from carry too much weight to riding on overly demanding terrains too frequently.
Also, riding your e-motorcycle with many electronic accessories such as the LED light or GPS will drain the battery faster and ultimately reduce its life.
When not needed, we recommend turning off all electronic accessories to reduce the load on the battery.

How Long Should It Take to Fully Charge My E-Motorcycle Battery?

The amount of time it takes to charge your e-motorcycle battery fully depends on its type and capacity.
However, charging an e-motorbike battery will typically  take between 5 and 8 hours. However, some e-motorcycles with higher-capacity batteries can take as long as 12 to 20 hours to charge fully.
But, you should note that your better charging duration is subject to different factors ranging from the quality and capacity of the battery to the type of charger, and the battery self-discharge rate.
You want to research the specific type and capacity of your battery to help determine how long it will take to charge fully.

Final Thoughts

The quality and health of your electric motorcycle battery has a direct impact on the experience you get while riding your bike. In other words, taking proper care of your e-motorcycle battery will contribute towards ensuring you get the best out of your bike.
We hope that the tips we shared in the above paragraphs will help you take care and extend the lifespan of your electric motorcycle.
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