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Electric Motorcycle Buying Guide: Cost and More

By 21 3 月, 2023Blog
Tromox Electric Motorcycle Buying Guide

There has never been a better time to invest in an electric motorcycle than now. These electricity-powered vehicles are becoming quite the rave, and statistics show the demand will increase significantly in the coming years.

But, just how much do e-motorbikes cost? Also, how do you choose the right electric motorbike for your needs?

Not to worry, we understand your need for answers, so we created this blog post.

In the following paragraph, we walk you through an electric motorcycle buying guide detailing the price range and other relevant details to help you make the right decision. 

Ready to explore your options? Let’s ride!  

How Much Does an Electric Motorcycle Cost?

There’s no one answer as the cost of an electric motorcycle depends on the specific model and its characteristics — speed, range, etc.

However, we can examine some industry-wide e-motorbike prices to guide you.

On the lower end of the spectrum, an electric motorcycle usually costs around $7,000 on average, with prices ranging from  $5,000 to $10,000. 

On the other hand, high-performance electric motorbikes can cost as much as $15,000 and may even reach prices as high as $30,000.

Interestingly, some manufacturers have slapped price tags as high as $100,000 on specific e-motorbikes. But, that is only in extreme cases.

By now, you may have realized that electric motorbike prices tend to be higher when compared to gas-powered motorcycles. 

This is because while electric motorcycles lack a clutch, gearbox, transmission, oil, spark plugs, and other combustion-related components, they do require other, sometimes more expensive, components.

Besides, e-motorcycles are designed and constructed to be water-resistance as water and the electricity that powers them are a terrible combination.

But, there is some good news. Electric motorcycles typically require less maintenance and few parts replacement, which means fewer maintenance expenses in the long run.

That said, let’s check out the factors that affect the cost of e-motorbikes. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of e-Motorbikes

Although electric motorbikes often cost more than gas-powered bikes, there are several factors to consider when estimating the entire cost of ownership. 

The overall cost of owning an electric motorbike will depend on different factors, which we’ll cover in this section.

1. Battery capacity and life

A crucial factor to take into account when estimating the total cost of ownership for electric bikes is the battery capacity and life. 

Electric motorcycles that come fitted with lithium-ion battery packs may cost a lot of money. This is because these types are more compact and have an extended capacity and lifespan. 

Generally speaking, batteries with a higher capacity and longer lifespan will cost more than batteries with a shorter lifespan.

2. Motor power

Electric power is transferred to the wheel via an electric motor, which moves the electric motorcycle forward. 

Electric motors come in a wide variety with various power outputs. As a rule of thumb, the higher the power output, the more it will cost you to acquire. 

3. Brand

While there are limited options in the market, there are different brands, and the price varies depending on the specific one you choose. 

For example, an e-motorbike like The Harley Davidson LiveWire will cost you about $25,000, while the Tromox Ukko S electric motorcycle is a less expensive option and the best choice electric motorcycle under $5000.

4. Tire-type

The tire type of an electric motorcycle is another factor that can influence its price, depending on the size and material of the tire.

5. Warranty 

Calculating the total cost of ownership for electric motorbikes also requires you to consider their warranty. 

As a rule of thumb, e-motorbikes with more extended warranty coverings will cost more than those with shorter ones. 

Now, because it costs more to change the battery of an electric motorcycle, those that come with at least one year warranty will cost more.  

What to Look Out for When Choosing an Electric Motorcycle

1. Range

How much distance do you cover daily on average? 

The riding range is one of the primary issues when purchasing an electric motorcycle. 

Before making a purchase decision, you should conduct in-depth research on the riding range of several electric motorcycles.

Due to their larger battery packs, high-end electric bikes can travel around 100 miles on a single charge. 

2. Speed

Another essential consideration you should make when selecting an electric two-wheeler is speed. 

Do you prefer to go fast? Then, you’ll need an electric dual sport motorcycle that can deliver. 

If you purchase a bike that isn’t powerful enough to go the speed you desire, it could lead to very frustrating rides as you would be going as fast as you want. 

Therefore, before making a purchase decision, always consider the electric bike’s maximum speed and performance. 

3. Charging time

Nobody wants to sit around for hours waiting for their motorcycle to recharge. Therefore, buying an e-motorcycle that recharges fast when you’re on the go is usually best.

Pro tip? Look out for customer reviews to determine the precise charge time of an electric motorbike rather than depending on the manufacturer’s estimates. 

4. Warranty

Always look into the battery warranty before purchasing an electric motorcycle. 

A battery pack is one of the most expensive parts of an eco-friendly electric bike, so replacing one can be very demanding on your wallet.

Therefore, carefully read the warranty policies to see if your manufacturer covers battery replacement in the event of an under-performing e-motorcycle battery.

That said, we recommend buying an electric motorcycle with at least one year on its battery.

Wrapping It Up

Although there is a wide variety of electric motorcycle options on the market today, the best approach to determine which choice is best for you is to consider the speed, range, frequency of use, and other related variables to guide your choice. 

This way, you can find an e-motorbike that’s within your performance expectations and purchase budget.

Thankfully, this article has given you insight into how much you should expect to spend on buying an electric motorcycle.

Here is a link to our website, where you can explore our collection of high-performing e-motorbikes.

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