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7 Huge Environmental Benefits of an Electric Motorcycle

By 21 3 月, 2023Blog
Environmental Benefits of Tromox Electric Motorcycle 

Electric motorcycles are the future, and the numbers show it. But, more importantly, e-motorbikes are a more sustainable option that contributes to ensuring that the future is inhabitable for all life forms.

Yes, we said it. Electric motorcycle are a greener option for motorbike enthusiasts that want to play an active role in reducing their carbon footprint.

But, how exactly do electric motorcycles benefit the environment?

Keep reading to find out!

Is an Electric Motorcycle More Environmentally Sustainable?

Yes! Electric motorcycles are more environmentally sustainable than other forms of transportation powered by fuel such as petrol and diesel.

You see, electric motorcycles don’t use any crude oil derivative as fuel. This means that it does not have to combust fuel and will not generate any of the exhaust gases that contribute to smog and air pollution.

Since electric motorcycles don’t emit carbon dioxide when you ride them around, they will not contribute to global warming. 

This makes them a greener, much more environmentally sustainable option.

Top 7 Environmental Benefits of e-Motorcycles

Here are seven green benefits of electric motorcycles:

1. They produce no emissions

Unlike other motorized vehicles like automobiles, trucks, and motorbikes, electric motorcycles don’t use gas or diesel, which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Instead, they are powered by electricity provided through rechargeable batteries, which are more eco-friendly and give an alternative and safer power source. As a result, they do not produce any emissions.

On the other hand, other vehicles fueled by diesel and petrol increase the amount of CO2 emissions in the environment leading to an increase in the global house effect and a rise in global temperatures. 

2. They don’t cause air pollution

Studies have shown that the transportation sector is the largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Considering the fact that they are over a billion motor vehicles on roads globally, such discoveries are very alarming.

Thankfully, electric motorcycles play a pivotal role in the fight against global warming.

Since e-motorcycles do not produce emissions, they do not contribute to pollution in the atmosphere. Remember, harmful gases and pollutants in the air can cause respiratory and other health issues, not to mention the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer. 

This makes electric motorbikes even more appealing as an alternative to traditional motorcycles.

3. Zero noise pollution

Another advantage of electric motorcycles is that they produce little to no sound during their operation, which means they don’t add to the problem of noise pollution. 

Since e-motorbikes do not combust fuel, they don’t come with the cylinders and exhaust that make all the noise in traditional bikes. This allows you to go about your riding very silent without contributing to noise pollution.

However, while electric motorcycles do not come with roaring engines, they will have their horns, which will contribute to noise pollution every time you press them. Therefore, until there is a silent yet effective way to alert other road users to your presence, you’d have to make peace with your e-motorcycle horn.

4. Electric motorcycles use renewable energy

Unlike petroleum, electricity is renewable energy, and that’s what powers e-motorbikes. In other words, you can power your electric motorcycle from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and even hydropower. 

You’ll agree that these are better alternatives to other forms of energy like geothermal and nuclear energy. As a result, it makes electric motorcycles much more sustainable.

Therefore, using renewable power to charge your motorcycles can reduce your carbon footprint and support environmental protection initiatives.

5. They Use eco-friendly batteries

Most electric motorcycles come equipped with Lithium-ion batteries. These are small compact batteries that are more eco-friendly compared to lead-acid ones. 

In addition, they contain no acid, which is a plus as acid batteries are more difficult to recycle and can be dangerous if it spills. Besides, due to the absence of acid, lithium-ion batteries are also pollution free.

We should also mention that lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, and you won’t need to dispose of them after every use.

6. They are less resource-intensive

E-motorcycles typically require less maintenance and consequently fewer part replacements. In other words, since you would have to replace motorbike parts less frequently, you’d be using up fewer resources when you ride around on an electric motorcycle.

Besides, an e-motorbike also places less demand on the earth’s natural resource — crude oil and its derivatives. This means that electric motorbikes do not contribute to an increase in mining activities and the consequent depletion of the earth’s resources.

7. They contribute to healthier air and water

It is no news that the smoke from the traditional motorcycle exhausts (and other fuel-powered motor vehicles) adversely impacts the air quality in that area. Unfortunately, this contamination can lead to respiratory-related diseases, especially in urban areas where they are a lot of motor vehicle activities.

However, since there is no combustion when an electric motorcycle operates, you won’t have to worry about making the air around you less than ideal.

In the same way, since electric motorbikes do not use fuel and oil, there is no risk of oil spillage, which can join groundwater runoff and pollute water bodies, therefore poisoning aquatic and even human life.

And There You Have It

While electric motorcycles may sometimes be the more expensive option, their green benefits are hard to beat, and now you know how. Hopefully, now that you know the various environmental advantages that e-motorcycles offer, you will consider making the switch to the more sustainable option.

Remember, while the fact electric motorcycles are the future may be debatable, there is no doubt that they contribute to a more sustainable world.

At Tromox, we’re passionate about environmental sustainability and, therefore, committed to being your one-stop brand for everything electric dual sport motorcycle.

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